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We offer the best quality BSP threaded fittings. Our range of threaded BSP fittings is well recognized in the world market. Our ambit of BSP Threaded fittings is manufactured to render maximum effective output.

These fittings can easily find their application in various industries. BSP threaded fittings refer to a UK standard of pipe fitting, known as British standard pipe taper thread. Functionally superior in nature, these bsp threaded fittings can withstand high pressure while maintaining smooth flow of liquid and at the same time prevent leakage. Made of high quality metal, they are long lasting and rust free.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

American standard:
Materials: ANSI/ASME A197-79
Dimensions:ANSI/ASME B16.3-85
Threads: ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
Din Standard:
Materials: DIN1692 Dimensions:DIN2950
Threads: DIN2999
British Standard:
Materials: ISO 5922
Dimensions: ISO 49
Threads: ISO 7/1

Screwed Stainless steel fittings
150L,BS,NPT,DIN Threaded Fittings
All fitting dimensions conform to ANSI B 16.3,Material per ASTM A351
CF8[304]&CF8M,threads conform to ANSI B 2.1

Fig NO. Name
90 Elbows 90
90R Reducing Elbows 90
130 Tees
130R Reducing Tees
180 Crosses
92 Street Elbows 90
120 Elbows 45
340 Unions female & female,conical joint
340B Unions butt-welding conical joint
341 Unions male & female,conical joint
331B Unions, butt-welding, with teflon gasket
330 Unions,flat seat with teflon gasket
291 Square Plugs
291H Hexagon Plugs
241 Hexagon Bushings
280 Hexagon Nipples
245 Reducing Hexagon Nipples
300 Hexagon Caps
301 Round Caps
240 Reducing Socket banded
270 Socket(Coupling) banded
270H Half Socket (Coupling)
280H Hose Nipple
310 Lock Nuts

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